About Elegant Cat ®

Elegant Cat ®
is biodegradable, and super. The use of natural chlorophyll provides a fresh odor control. The use of natural materials means Elegant Cat ® is also made both safe, and virtually dust free!

Elegant Cat ® is a flushable cat litter that ensures quick and easy waste removal. Because you can flush the clumps immediately, the formula helps to provide a sanitary environment.

Elegant Cat ® provides a wonderful solution that works naturally to provide a safe and healthy solution for both you and and your pet.

Flushable & Biodegradable
No more toting bags of used cat litter out to the dumpster. The clumps are water soluble. So when you throw them into a toilet they become saturated by the water and come apart into pieces that are easily flushable.

Super Absorbent & Odor Control
Natural chlorophyll provides fresh odor control. While locking odors in, the all natural materials provide a super absorbency.

Safe and Clean
Inhaling cat litter dust (silica dust) really isn't all that good for you or your cat. Clay cat litter can also prove to quite a nuisance, as it clings to your cat's fur and is tracked around the house. Elegant Cat ® contains all natural materials that will not stick to your cat's fur, and are safe to you, your cat and safe to the environment.


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